Welcome to Ozrhode Kennels

    Since our beginnings in 1990, Ozrhode Kennels have endeavoured to breed �true to type� Rhodesian Ridgebacks who epitomize the Breed Standard, exemplifying both form and function. In keeping with the old adage, "from little acorns do oak trees grow" ..... today in testament to our objectives, we are honoured here and abroad with 16 Best Exhibit in Show awards; 19 Runners Up Best in Show awards; 6 Most Successful Breeder in Show awards, along with Multiple Grand Champions, Champions and International Champions. Ozrhode diversified in 2003, with the introduction of a Whippet, followed shortly by a Saluki. After much research, our foundation whippet litter was whelped in March 2007.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Salukis and Whippets